Slimaggedon (although some people prefer to call it Slimepocalypse they are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG and should be ridiculed for their heretic way of thinking) is a custom event/minigame unique to RockStationBravo.

How it worksEdit

When a human-controlled slime evolves and then reproduces, one of the 4 new baby slimes is that original player, but another of the baby slimes is second player taken from the pool of ghosts. That means there are now 2 human-controlled slimes and 2 AI-controlled slimes to content with. Then if both human-controlled slimes reproduce again, 2 more human players are added to the loop, so on and so forth.

Slimes have special abilities:

Crawl through vent - This is probably the most useful ability as it allows a quick escape from any crewmember carrying a fire extinguisher, as slimes are extremely vulnerable to water.

Evolve - This allows a baby slime to turn into an adult version, which is stronger.

Reproduce - This allows the aforementioned ability to add more players to the slime action. Be careful of where you use it as you will become a brand new baby slime!

Feed - This allows you to attach to human players and monkeys and feed on them. Keeping your nutrition high means you can reproduce more often. Slimes heal damage over time, but a high nutrition helps you heal faster.

How to fight the slime hordesEdit

As explained earlier, slimes are extremely weak against water. Stuns do absolutely nothing to them, while blunt trauma causes minimal damage, especially if they are already feeding. The best trick is to carry a fire extinguisher and drag a watercart with you, so you never run out of ammunition to fight the hordes. If a slime reproduces in front of you, try to identify the human-controlled ones and kill them first to stop Slimaggedon in it's tracks.