RocketStation offers an innovative karma system to reward exceptional roleplayers, or average players who take the time to show newbies how to properly work in a specific role on the station. It is a positive system only, which means it cannot be used to punish someone for killing you.

How it worksEdit

As a ghost, you can right-click any live player and chose "Award Karma". This will award the player ONE karma point. You may only perform this action once per round.You can check your karma at anytime by selecting the Check Karma option in the top-right section of your screen.

Future updatesEdit

Here is an overview of how the leveling system will work. If a player is level 2 and gives a karma award to someone, that award will be worth 2 points. Level 3, 3 points, etc. This is to give more weigh to opinion of people recognized as good roleplayers and/or server helpers.

Soon, you will be able to spend your karma points to purchase perks and boons that cannot be gotten through normal in-game means. More on this at a later date.