All the Departments are Seperate Nations and are to attempt to get along without too many problems places declared Neutral are Neutral as is EVA the Bridge the Hallways and the Shuttles the Singularity is not allowed to be released and other Major Griefing tools arent allowed to be used the Captain as the Leader of the UN is granted Access to Centcom Reports to request supplies for the UN to hand out places the Assistants,Clowns and Mimes are all Mercs or Nomads who work for no nations but can decide to team up with them.

Through Proper RP Double agents are allowed

NOTE: This is an admin create event/gamemode. There is currently no supporting code.

Why it doesnt happen.Edit

This is meant to be the case except very few times do people actually attempt to follow through with this and work hard so while this Event will be one that might happen it will quickly become more Rare than a Xeno round due to the lack of RP most of the station is meant to have

How to work on getting it backEdit

If it was to come back we would need to see Proper Roleplayers more often on the server and competent Security officers and Heads so that we can have a station where Diplomacy is a quite often used tool which will help Admin Milita become slightly more common